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A very simple use case in React, but I didn’t find any article that gives a clean answer — maybe I didn’t read enough.

Here is the situation:

Here is what you expect:

Software architecture evolves fast. It has been a while that ReSTful API backend + JSON becomes an industry standard for web application with Javascript frontend. ReSTful API is a cross-platform solution by design and by nature. Of cause, besides web application, ReSTful API can also be applied to any place where there needs communication between two components. You may have more choices in those cases.

In this article, I would like to talk about several aspects of ReSTful API.

We had a simple yet good start on dynamic form in the part one of Empower Dynamic Form. We made it work. Now, we need to make it better (much better). I reckon CSS is either too simple or too boring for us. Imagine that you spend hours playing on CSS, and when the others looking at the page with your favorite design, they might say it is pretty beautiful or ugly depending on their mood. Believe me, it is fun to have a GUI review meeting…

So, I decided not to add the CSS to give you the chance…

Here you are. Since you are here, I assume you know some about Angular, typescript, javascript, html etc. So, let’s start right from the Angular dynamic form.

According to the description from this page, dynamic form is superb, and can do all that static form is capable of. It probably could, but to make a content & format rich dynamic form could take much more time. So, I think dynamic forms are more suitable for forms that are medium complicate. When designed properly, dynamic form can greatly simplify the form generation and form content/layout modification. …

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